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Counseling and Examination of Knee Joints to Housewives in Sirnagalih Village, Jonggol District, West Java

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Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the Jakarta Veterans National Development University held an ABDIMAS (Community Service) activity in Sirnagalih Village, Jonggol District, West Java. In the ABDIMAS activity in Sirnagalih village, Dr.dr Feda Anisah Makkiyah SpB lecturer with dr. Yuni Setyaningsih M.Biomed and assisted by 3 FK UPN Veteran Jakarta students with the theme "Counseling and Examination of Knee Joints to Housewives". Tuesday (04/08/2020)

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Counseling conducted by Dr.dr Feda Anisah Makkiyah SpB and dr. Yuni Setyaningsih M.Biomed accompanied by examples of knee problems. A post test is given to find out how much knowledge the respondent gained. Next the respondents measured vital signs, weight and height, so the respondents know whether they will they have risk factors for obesity. WOMAC score to find out whether the respondents have limitations in daily functioning is asked.

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The purpose of this activity is to increase public knowledge about knee osteoarthritis, as one of the most common diseases in the elderly and obesity risk factors are linearly related to this event. The activity began at 10:00 with the opening of the village chief and the leader of the cadre, followed by a pretest to find out community knowledge about knee osteoarthritis.


Measurement of quadriceps muscle circles (thigh muscles) at both points was performed as an objective parameter for the presence of knee osteoarthritis abnormalities. The dedication was attended by around 30 people, by implementing the protocol for maintaining distance and washing hands.




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