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Medical Faculty Doctor’s Profession Program Student Competence Test

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Medical Faculty of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta implement Routine Competence Test, the National OSCE Test, which is held from Saturday to Sunday, February 15-16 2020 at 3rd floor of Cipto Mangun Kusumo Building, Medical Faculty skill lab Room. In this competence test the head supervisor of National OSCE competence test is dr. Rachmad Sarwo Bekti, M.Med.Ed from Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University Malang, and KOC Medical Faculty of UPN Veteran Jakarta is dr. Retno Yulianti, M.Biomed. There are 44 student following the competence test with 11 students in each sessions. Sunday (16/02/2020)

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National OSCE Competence Test is Exercise and assessment in national standard for doctor’s profession program students with purpose:
- ensure the graduates of doctor’s profession program with national standard of competences
- assessing the attitude, knowledge and skill as a foundation for medical practice





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